MIIS Lion is a student-run, student-driven initiative that gathers dedicated translation and localization management future stars to promote MIIS internationally, while providing an environment for everyone in the MIIS community to learn and discuss new ideas.  Most importantly, students gain firsthand experience to showcase to their future employers.

MIIS Lion can provide the following services:

Content Creation:

It is never enough to just translate the content.  Content must be attractive and appropriate (both linguistically and culturally) for the targeted audience.  MIIS Lion Project Managers allocate resources and assist with QA, while translators “transcreate” the content to suit the audience.  Currently MIIS Lion can cover all the languages that are offered by the MIIS TILM program (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish).


Businesses lose their opportunity often because they cannot communicate to their audience in their native language.  MIIS Lion is currently helping the school with its marketing through online media such as blogging, facebook, twitter, etc.  Content published using these outlets are created by students who speak the languages and have a deep understanding of the school.


MIIS Lion also assists with localization.  In the past, the group has localized the website of MIIS, providing information of MIIS’ academic programs to speakers of the 7 languages.  PMs and engineers also resolved technical issues associated with localization along the way.  Currently, speakers of different languages can access information on MIIS’ academic programs, videos, blogs, etc., just by clicking the top right hand corner of the landing page.