MIIS Radio: Fall 2012 Directed Study Opportunity

MWAY 8580: Digital Media for Change Fall 2012: Radio Directed Study
Course Advisors: Bob Cole and Rebecca Walters
Contact: bob.cole@miis.edu, rwalters@miis.edu

Course Description

Modeled within a directed study framework, this 1.0 or 2.0 unit cross-disciplinary course will train students to develop and produce their own radio show. This radio show will be broadcast on MIIS radio and available for streaming and download to the global web audience via http://sites.miis.edu/radio.

This course will introduce students to the processes of goal-setting, planning, production, and distribution of content-based radio projects. The course will also provide opportunities for students to promote their radio shows within the new media landscape (via web, social media, and mobile communications).

Students will be required to develop radio show project proposals to define the scope and focus of their work. This proposal will include the following:

• Program Title
• Program Description
• Plan for first three program segments
• Executive Summary of how the program reflects the student’s academic and professional interests

Learning Goals

Students enrolling in this course will meet informally every Friday morning/afternoon to receive comprehensive training in audio production. From these sessions, students will gain the following skills and expertise:

• creating a radio program proposal
• audio recording, broadcasting, and editing
• interviewing and storytelling techniques
• giving and receiving peer feedback
• web publishing and social media promotion
• archiving radio and web content


Each student or a small team of students will produce a professional quality radio show during the semester. Radio shows will be based on the students’ own interests and should intersect with their current coursework or activities. Students are expected to produce at least one 10 minute segment of their radio show every two weeks, culminating in about an hour and a half of content by the end of the semester.

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