Where in the World is the Digital Learning Commons?

In case you were wondering… the Digital Learning Commons is very much in business at its NEW LOCATION: McGowan 001 / 420 Calle Principal. Our new space is still a work in progress, but we needed to move before the start of the semester to make way for the Center for the Blue Economy, now in the process of moving into the Craig Building across from McCone.

The new Commons is light, airy, spacious, and includes a large, flexible teaching and learning area called the Design or “D” Space. When it’s finished, we’re going to love it, and so will you.. but it’s a little hard to find at the moment because we are waiting for a city permit to cut a door through from the McGowan lobby.

Until our new main entrance is finished, here’s how to find us.  Think of it as a treasure hunt… or your new exercise regimen!

1.  Go to the McGowan Building located at the corner of Pacific and Franklin Streets.

2.  Enter through the left set of doors at 411 Pacific.

3.  Walk straight through the hallway to the doors at the far end, notice colorful “DLC” sign, exit doors.  Proceed down the steps and forward through the passageway between the buildings

4.  When the passageway intersects with the sidewalk/street of Calle Principal, take a right turn.

5.  Pass Montrio Bistro, the next building is number 420.

6.  Come inside, you have arrived!

7.  You should be on the lower floor of the Commons (which, right now, looks like a big empty room with a very prominent staircase).

8.  Go up the stairs to the second level.  That’s where the DLC Team will be located.


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