MIIS Radio: Coming to Your Classrooms This Fall

Dear MIIS Professors,

Have you considered incorporating MIIS Radio in a your coursework? Radio is an excellent forum to showcase student research, interviews with experts, and/or in-depth policy analysis. In addition, students will learn many marketable skills including:

  • Audio and video recording and editing
  • Multimedia content production
  • Interviewing and journalism techniques
  • Narrative storytelling
  • Publishing content online

Listen to one student’s feature story on a local organic agriculture conference as an example of MIIS Radio in action.

The Digital Learning Commons and MIIS Radio will work with teachers, students and classes to design tailored projects that add a technological twist to conventional coursework! To discuss how to incorporate multimedia assignments into your classes, please contact Bob Cole or Rebecca Walters, or come visit us in our new space in McGowan, facing Calle Principal!

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