Google Refine Workshop

Today at the DLC we covered Google Refine and how it can help MIIS students to clean survey data for analysis. Using data collected by students in Professor Murphy’s Data Analysis for Public Policy class, we learned how to download and install the program, upload datasets, use facets and filters to view and organize data, and how to cluster and merge data points. Aside from helping students to prepare their data for analysis in their final project, learning how to use Google Refine will pay dividends when students collect data of their own in the field. Data for this project was collected manually by survey and then input electronically by students into a survey form. Students may find that they want to design surveys with more fill in the blank questions and qualitative responses, which will need to be cleaned and coded before analysis. Google Refine is a tool that students can use to save time and help organizations and teams to make better use of the valuable input that they receive through surveys.

Click here for a PDF of the slideshow that accompanied this presentation.

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  1. Tom Morris November 10, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just wanted to leave a trail of breadcrumbs saying that our new name is OpenRefine so the name becomes more widely used, people can still find this.

    One small correction – Refine works with any modern browser. It doesn’t have to be Chrome. Firefox or Safari should work fine too.

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