Spring 2014 Workshops, Course Project & Curricular Technology Support

The DLC offers customized support for students, faculty, staff, and the broader MIIS community in the form of individual consultations and group workshop trainings. We also offer the D Sp@ce for communal use.

We encourage you to contact us and visit the DLC for help with projects you are working on.

Getting Help at the DLC – Drop–ins and Appointments

MIIS faculty, staff, and students can visit the DLC during drop in hours Mon-Fri from 12-5 pm (note that we have a staff meeting Thursday from 12-12:30 and weekly workshops from 12:30-1:30, but you are still welcome to drop in – we will have someone available to help even during these times). Just look for anyone wearing a name tag or lanyard – we are all happy to help!

During drop-in windows, graduate assistants and staff will be on hand to field questions and assist with projects that might include a variety of tools with digital or design components:

    • Photo Editing (basic editing in simple editors and/or Photoshop)
    • Video Editing (iMovie or YouTube Editor)
    • Audio Recording and Editing / Digital Storytelling / Voiceover Lectures (Garage Band, Audacity, Camtasia)
    • Data Analysis (primarily using Excel)
    • Website Design / Course Portfolios / Blogging (focused on sites.miis.edu and other website building platforms)
    • Design Thinking / Idea Development
    • Curricular Technology (Camtasia, Moodle, Adobe Connect, CourseHub, WordPress, and more!)

Request an Appointment for a Consultation

Students or faculty requiring more advanced support are welcome to set up appointments with specific staff or GAs. Link to: Appointment Request Form

Skill-Building Workshops & Resources

In addition to our regular drop-in hours, we are hosting a series of skill-building workshops each Thursday from 12:30-1:30 in the  Design-Sp@ce located in the McGowan Building at 420 Calle Principal St. View our current calendar of workshops.

We would also like to remind you about our campus-wide access to Lynda.com online video training and tutorials for software you or your students may be working with. To access these videos go to http://go.miis.edu/lynda and login with your MIIS username and password.

Course Project Support

If your class has a digital learning need that we could help with, let us know! Contact us by completing our online Workshop Request Form or send us an email at dlc@miis.edu.

We’ve had great success in consulting with classes that are integrating website projects, presentation skills, digital stories, podcasting and tele-collaboration.

In addition to weekly skills sessions, we have reserved three weeks at the end of the semester to host finals-focused workshops in any areas where students might require extra tech help to complete a final project.

Reserving the D Sp@ce

Our Design Sp@ce is a common area that you can customize to your needs, such as classroom-style, lounge area, or small working groups. We encourage students and faculty to reserve the D Sp@ce for classes, events and projects. When not reserved, it’s open to all as a place to come study, have meetings, or just hang out between classes. View our online availability calendar here.