INTRO to Video Capture & Editing

DLC Workshop:

INTRO to Video Capture & Editing

Thursday, March 6th

12:30 – 1:30 at the DLC Design Space

Did you know that with your smartphone you are carrying around a mini movie maker? Whether you have an iPhone or Android you can use iMovie and make videos of anything you shoot. In this workshop we will give you tips on how to shoot footage with your phone taking into account various aspects of filmmaking such as camera movement, framing, editing, sound, and ultimately how it will all appear to the viewer. We will also go over basic movie edits. You will be surprised at how even just a few basic tips will improve the quality of your home movies, your YouTube videos, video blogging and even journalistic endeavors.

Please join us for a fun and AMAZING hour of movie making magic! (Or at the very least, it’ll be interesting…)