Do you know about Course Hub?

How is everyone’s first week of school going?

If you are frustrated by wading through the long list of past and current courses on Moodle to find the right one, or if you are baffled about where to find the E-Reserves or the password to access it, or if you just wish for a little more organization in managing all your digital course materials, we might have a solution for you!

HubLogoCourse Hub is the best place to quickly access course listings and links to instructional resources being used in your current semester. So talk to your professor about linking course resources to Course Hub.

Let’s take a quick tour of the Course Hub. First go to and log in using your MIIS credentials. Once you are logged in, on the left-hand column, you will see My Semester Dashboard, which lists both your current and past semesters.

On the right, you will see all your courses in the selected semester, with links to various resources. For example, if you click on the moodle link, it will take you right to the Moodle course page. No need to search in a long list!

In addition to moodle, you can find other resources linked to the site such as a wordpress blog, E-Reserves link and other relevant resources.

And whenever you are ready for a study break, check out MIIS Informed to find out what’s happening on campus!

Watch the video below to see a quick demo of how Course Hub works.