Update Your Fall 2015 Course Hub Sites

Course Hub sites for the current version of the Fall 2015 academic course catalog are available online. When you login to the Course Hub at http://courses.miis.edu look for “Fall 2015” courses in the “My Semester Dashboard” menu to the left.

Check your Course Roster
Review a dynamic course roster with student names and headshots | Video: How To View Class Roster

Upload your Syllabus
Provide students with your course syllabus before the first day of class | Video: How to Add Course Syllabus to Course Hub

Add a Moodle Site via Course Hub
Add a new Moodle site for the current term, review the steps | Video: How to Add a Moodle Resource in Course Hub.

Link Your Course Hub to Library E-Reserves
Simplify student access to your course Library E-Reserves | Video: How to add a Link to Library E-Reserves

Import Course Content From Previous Terms
Import or “rollover” Moodle course content from a previous term into a Moodle resource for the current term |  VIDEO: go.miis.edu/diyrollover

Link Multiple Course Sections to a Single Moodle Resource
Faculty teaching multiple sections of a course can link students in these sections to a single Moodle site to help streamline content posting | Web: Step-by-Step Instructions to Link Multiple Sections

HELP DESK Assistance for Importing Moodle Course Content From Previous Terms – AKA “Rollover”
Returning faculty who teach with MIIS iLearn (Moodle) should be familiar with the Moodle Course “rollover” process of importing archived course content from previous terms into a new Moodle site. To request additional assistance with your course archive import, use the Moodle Archive Import Request Form. Expect a 3-4 day turn around on these requests.

You may also direct questions to helpdesk@miis.edu or call Help Desk at (831) 647-6656.