Unleashing Creativity with Legos

On Friday, September 4, the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) hosted its first Lego Serious Play party. Participants were given the opportunity to unplug, build, and share. They received identical lego kits and various prompts, including creating a model of your ideal life, creating a personal SWOT model, creating a model of your past, present, or future life, or creating a model of your values. Participants had the chance to share their designs, and answer questions about their models. One of the participants, Katy Murdza, an MA International Policy & Development student, shared her experience with us, first in the video below, and then in a blog. Enjoy!

“The DLC Lego Serious Play party was a unique experience because it asked me to represent myself to the MIIS community with the limitations of a Lego kit. Instead of relying on the verbal descriptions of ourselves that we are accustomed to giving, the task forced participants to condense their past, future, or values into a single Lego creation. This medium still allowed for very creative pieces while focusing on a few fundamental aspects of our identities that may or may not be what other people usually learn from talking to us. For this reason, I very much enjoyed not just building my own Lego creation, but seeing and hearing about those of other students. This experience allowed me to focus on one of my professional goals while also recognizing that our futures are very flexible and can be constructed in an endless number of ways. At the beginning of the activity I was overwhelmed by all of those possibilities, but immigration reform stood out as the subject that was important for me to focus on right now.”

-Katy Murdza, MIIS IPD student