Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project: Fellowship Opportunity @ MIIS

“All great literature is one of two stories;

On Thursday, September 24th, the Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP) hosted its first event of the year, the 2016 IDSP Fellowship Information Session.  The IDSP fellowship is an opportunity for MIIS students participating in J-term immersive learning, to join a cohort of students that will create digital stories inspired by their experiences.

At the session, students used a storytelling technique called #blackoutpoetry to inspire creativity. Armed with only 8 minutes, a newspaper clipping, and a black sharpie, they produced short story poems to introduce themselves and get aquatinted with the culture at IDSP.  “At first I was overwhelmed, but once I started it just flowed, and was a lot fun,” said one of the participants.

MIIS student Tom Stagg creates a blackout poem at the IDSP16 info session.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that can inspire action, empathy, and change.  It is no wonder that it is becoming an increasingly sought out communication technique in the social impact and non-profit sectors.

“Digital storytelling is exciting because it uses modern tools and technology to connect us to the common humanity we find through stories.  There is so much potential for creativity and collaboration,” said Anna Santos, IDSP Senior Fellow.

IDSP will be accepting applications for the 2016 Fellowship until October 8th, 2015.

Curious for more? Visit the IDSP website to access the online application and to learn about the fellowship, the project, and digital storytelling.