Keynote Workshop

Keynote Workshop

Friday, October 2, 2015

11:00-11:50 AM

Digital Learning Commons

The legend of Keynote is that it was created specifically for Steve Jobs, who needed a program that he could use for presenting his annual keynote speeches to developers.  Jobs was not happy with PowerPoint.  He liked a program called Concurrence that he used in 1998, but it didn’t do everything he wanted.  Because none of the available programs did what he wanted, he had a team work on a presentation program just for him.  The software that became Keynote was used to present the iPod to the world in 2001. “Keynote was not originally designed to be a public software release, but the team built something so magical and so complete, Steve was convinced he would release the software to compete with PowerPoint.”

PowerPoint dominates the presentation field, although Prezi and Google Slides are becoming more commonly seen.  Keynote, however, is a great program that is unused by many Mac owners (sorry, PC fans!), and those who do use it might not know everything you can do with it.

Come to this DLC workshop to learn how to build charts within Keynote, and how to use the advanced feature of Magic Charts which can animate your data, as well as Magic Move which allows creative, but elegant transitions.  As with many features, a little goes a long way, so we will also talk about presentation design and how to avoid distracting your audience with too many of these tools.

Bring your laptop if you have Keynote, and try these tools during the workshop!

But I have Windows!  or I want to use PowerPoint.  While this workshop is focused on using the features within Keynote, the content will generally apply to creating presentations in other platforms as well.  To explore similar features in Powerpoint, make an appointment at the DLC.  If you want to try Keynote without switching to a Mac or buying the software, there are computers with Keynote installed that are available for student use at the DLC.  There are options available for exporting Keynote slideshows to other platforms for presenting on Windows PCs and other computers that do not have Keynote.