Team Development Consultant Leads Communication & Team Building Workshop

On Thursday, October 29th, the DLC brought team development consultant, Tritia Moneypenny to MIIS for a workshop on team building and communication.  Tricia facilitated several hands-on activities designed to get participants thinking about how leadership, learning styles, and communication can contribute to greater team synergy.

Participants use rope to tell a story

Activities included the ‘Story Rope’ exercise, which is a storytelling activity designed to facilitate better communication through connection and understanding. In this activity, participants used rope as a visual aid to illustrate a story they were telling partners. “Having my hands and mind occupied with moving the rope got me out of my head, and I worried less about opening up to new people,” said one participant.

Participants also played a game where the whole group had to move a ball using only string attached to a metal ring.  “It was interesting how different people have different styles of approaching tasks.  Some like to analyze and strategize, while others like to just get in and try things out.  For us, it was good to have a balance of both tactics,” said another participant.


Effective team work is an important skill both for students engaging in multiple group projects, as well as for professionals in the field. Effective communication and team work is not always intuitive, and all teams and leaders can benefit from developing theses capacities.