Story + Maps: Brown Bag Session

DSC_1049On Tuesday, November 10th, The DLC, CSIL, and the META Lab co-hosted a brown bag session on how mapping tools could be used to tell a story and communicate impact.

Institute alumni Andy Stieglitz and Aaron Ebner, founders of the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) in Peru, spoke about the work they did with ArcGIS Story Mapping to visually map out the communities in which they work, and present their research and stories in a more compelling way.


The META Lab also showcased their work using an open source mapping tool, specificity designed to showcase the global presence of CISIL’s Ambassador Corps program.

The event concluded with  Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP) Senior Fellows, who shared their J-terms plans to travel to Panama and work with youth on digital stories about local housing communities.

In attendance were students, faculty, and community partners that all had an interest in story mapping and GISS.

Additional resources and examples of GIS maps and storytelling: