SELF Appeal | Sept 27 | 12-2pm

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Design Space (Below the DLC Learning lab)

SELF Appeal is an interactive discussion series concentrating on varying aspects of Self specifically how we mindfully navigate through digital and physical spaces. These monthly happenings hosted by Alie Jones (DLC Graduate assistant) are inspired by talks done by Creative Mornings .

The theme for the first talk is SELF Care.  Maria Prichard from the MIIS Yoga Club  will be sharing useful breathing exercises and yoga based stretching techniques. Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, explore self care practices, and engage in a meaningful discussion. Here is an Op ED piece written by Alie Jones on the importance of self care. We live in a time with so many platforms that allow us to share and receive information. We will talk about how these mediums can be used for social change, community building, or healing.