MiddCreate Conversations: “Attending to the Digital / Reclaiming the Web” | Oct 21

You are not an object that online companies get to play with. You don’t have to submit yourself to data mining by large corporations. You can control and reclaim your online content.

Join us for a live presentation by Audrey Watters, education writer and rabble rouser at Hack Education, entitled “Attending to the Digital / Reclaiming the Web”. This is connected to the launch of MiddCreate, Middlebury’s initiative to offer a “domain of one’s own” to everyone in the Middlebury community.

Audrey will be talking about what happens to your content, intellectual property, and online data when you’re not paying attention; why it’s important to take control, or reclaim, your portion of the web under your own domain; and how you can present your identity with integrity and thoughtfulness through having a domain of your own.

Stay with us after the talk for a hands-on workshop in Monterey led by Audrey called, “A Domain is not a Website.” In this workshop, we will look at our personal online data trails and raise questions about how to take back control over what we (sometimes inadvertently) share online. The workshop will include lunch at Monterey.

Two Events, a Talk and a Workshop (+ Lunch!):

1. Details for the Talk

Place: The talk will be held in Van Buren 499 on the Middlebury Institute campus in Monterey, and streamed online at middcreate.net. On the Vermont campus, there will be a watching party in Lib 105A.

Date: Friday, October 21, 2016

Time: Starts at 10:30 AM  PT

What: A viewing and discussion of Audrey Watters’ presentation. The talk will focus on how and why it’s important to reclaim the web.

2. Details for the Workshop + Lunch (Please RSVP)

Place: The workshop will be held in the Design Sp@ce of the DLC, MG001.

Date: Friday, October 21, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM  – 2:00 PM PT

What: A hands-on workshop led by Audrey Watters focused on how you can utilize your domain on MiddCreate to control and reclaim your online content. Includes lunch. Bring a computer so you can fully participate.

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We hope you’ll join us!

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