SELF Appeal | Nov 15th | 12-2pm


Tuesday, November 15th , 2016
McCone Board room (Campus map)


SELF Appeal is an interactive discussion series focusing on varying aspects of Self, specifically how we mindfully navigate through virtual and physical spaces. These monthly happenings are inspired by Creative Mornings . November 15th will be the 3rd of this 4 part series hosted by Alie Jones (DLC Graduate assistant).  The theme for this interactive discussion is SELF Love. This month we will be exploring how we practice positive self talk, live intentionally, and set boundaries. 

Very excited to announce that Nükhet Kardam will be our guest for November’s session. She will be sharing her presentation called “The Art of Mindful Engagement.” The intersections of her identities and experiences have made her the incredible woman she is today. Nükhet will be sharing her journey of self love and how it relates to mindfulness.