MBA Team Partners for Second Year with Mark Basse to Explain the Unexplainable

For the third year a team from the Institute has submitted an entry for the 2016 Economist Investment Case Study Competition, sponsored by The Economist magazine. The challenge of this year’s competition was how to invest 1 million dollars in the two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum over 5 years.

Institute MBA students (as seen in the team photo above from left to right) Laura Reid, Courtney Kemp and Mario Romero answered the challenge by drafting a technical paper solution with their insights and scripting two video presentations, all within the three week window specified by the competition rules. 

The submitted videos include a two minute ‘elevator pitch’ and a five minute full presentation entitled In Blockchain We Trust: A comparison of the investment potential of Bitcoin and ether over a five-year time horizon.

As with last year’s submission which took second place overall, the DLC was called in to help produce the 2016 finished videos. Armed with some fantastic new production equipment funded by the Provost’s Office for Digital Learning, Multimedia Specialist Mark Basse, met with Courtney, Laura and Mario at the small temporary production studio he set up in MG 215 ready to put themselves in front of the camera and lights. To ensure that their time in the studio was purposeful, Mark requested that the team submit their presentation copy beforehand so that the text could be loaded into the DLC’s teleprompter. Mark also reminded the team to not wear anything green, which would cause a problem with the video which was created using a ‘green screen’ video production technique.  

The team did their readings in two takes (more or less!) and these rough clips were then taken to the DLC for editing and post production.

Mark worked with Adobe Premiere CC for video editing which included replacing the green screen with a background graphic, developing supporting graphics, inserting animations created with Apple keynote and stylizing charts created by the team, all for inserting into the final master.  The team was on hand for the post production phase to answer questions and to help make decisions regarding the final look and approval of the two videos.

Although the project came to Mark on a very tight production schedule with only a few days advance notice, the finished videos were rendered and uploaded to The Economist by the deadline. As Mark likes to say when people ask him about his work, “My job is to help people explain the unexplainable, to the helplessly misinformed.”

You can vote for the MIIS Team (the team with the most votes wins $3,000, while the teams selected by the reviewing panel can win up to $10,000!) 

 Here’s the final 2 minute pitch:

Here’s the final full 5 minute version: