SELF Appeal: Self Love Recap & resources


 Last Tuesday afternoon in the McCone Boardroom a few students, staff, and faculty gathered to discuss self love.  We began the session with a mindful minute of meditation led by Alie Jones.  This is the hectic part of the semester when everything is due and there never seems to be enough time for anything. It is important to take time to breathe in and out. Breathing sends a message to your body to relax. Being conscious of how you love and care for yourself is vital. 

At a professional graduate school. . .  

How do we talk about  love or emotions?

Do we have space to have discussions on self love ?

The purpose of this session was to make space to acknowledge emotions and learn to engage in more meaningful ways. During this interactive Nükhet led the group in Qi Gong that she says she does before all of her classes . She shared a video series called Awakening Whole Body intelligence series created through a grant sponsored by the Fund For Innovation . There are three visually stunning videos filmed in the Big Sur area. Easy to do during a study break or when you wake up in the morning! 

Nükhet gave her presentation called “The Art of Mindful Engagement.” It was incredible to hear her talk about how she have grown to love and embrace all of her identities. To have a faculty member share their experience beyond the classroom was a treat. We are all humans with complex life stories that don’t always have the space to be shared in the classroom. Nükhet’s presentation was a great reminder to be more intentional, more mindful in all aspects of your life.  

Earlier this Fall she presented her work at Middlebury College alongside Andrea Olsen, Erin Quinn, and Bob Hansen. In the spring, Andrea and Nükhet will be co-teaching their course entitled Communicating in a Changing World which will be a part of  Sprintensive.

For those of us looking for more mindful practices a participant recommended reading The Artist’s Way  by Julia Cameron.