Digital Annotation for Learning & Scholarship

Our colleagues in the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) at Middlebury College are offering a special digital learning opportunity to the Middlebury community: a facilitated online experience called Digital Annotation for Learning and Scholarship. This event is designed to give teachers, instructional designers and technologists, students, and others an introduction to social annotation using the tool.

The learning experience will run from January 23-February 3, 2017, and is open to anyone interested in online and hybrid learning and teaching, digital collaboration, social networking, and digital scholarship.

Below you’ll find some information about the event from your facilitators: Sean Micheal Morris (Instructional Designer, ODL) and Jeremy Dean (Director of Education, 

We would love to see you and your colleagues join the learning community for this experience. As a community, we will explore, among other things: 

  • Digital reading vs. analog reading
  • Annotation as solution for deeper reading
  • History of annotation both analog and digital
  • Social annotation as a teaching modality, and as scholarly practice

 Some of the questions we’ll be asking include:

  • Why collaborative annotation? Why social annotation?
  • What are the theories of annotation and learning? Is there a connection?
  • How are digital collaboration and community building related?

We will focus on and practice digital annotation with the tool. Most of our readings over the week will be housed in, and will allow us to annotate together, making observations not only about the texts we’ll read, but also about the experience of shared reading.

Some questions we’ll be asking about Hypothesis include:

  • How do I use the tool?
  • How do I use this in my classroom?
  • How do I train students? What steps are involved in setting things up?
  • Is aligned to FERPA? What concerns should I have around privacy?


Participants should pre-register for this digital learning opportunity. If you are interested in this experience, sign up today. Also, please pass this information on to anyone else you know who might enjoy learning about social annotation. Any questions can be directed to Sean at