Intercultural Storytelling: A Storified Chronicle

“As a student from Nepal said, ‘nothing can shake us, we stand tall like the Himalayas in our commitment to intercultural understanding, social change, and world peace.‘” [MIIS Holland Center, November 9, 2016, photo by Bob Cole]

You are cordially invited into a medium that is the message. Curated by Bob Cole and Dr. Netta Avineri, Co-Founders of the Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project, the Nested Stories Storify chronicles The Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project pilot years (AY 2014-2015 & AY 2015-2016) and community-initiated conversations from Fall 2016 at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

This storify is a multimodal, multi-vocal, multi-temporal, multi-perspectival and experimental chronicle. It is designed to be experiential, interactive, and emergent – allowing multiple audiences to look backward at various storytelling efforts at MIIS while looking forward to the many possibilities afforded when a range of perspectives come together. We hope this chronicle serves multiple purposes — a report of what has been done, an inspiration for others, and an invitation to an ongoing dialogue that explores the roles of intercultural storytelling, digital learning, and engaged learning at MIIS. In addition to the Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project initiatives described here, storytelling has been integrated in a variety of ways into different phases of the MIIS experience, including Visit Day, Community Building Workshops & Events, and during Intercultural Competence Immersive Learning Trainings. As you experience this Storify we encourage you to take note of your reactions and consider possible actions, so that we can all continue the dialogue…