Spring Break @ the DLC

The DLC is hosting a series of 1-hour brown bag lunches during Spring break in the Design Sp@ce. All sessions are open to all faculty, staff, and students.

  • Monday, March 20, at Noon: Your Professional Online Presence
    Potential employers, future landlords, prospective partners, possible students. Who has Googled your name lately? Have you ever Googled your own name? This spring break workshop at the DLC will focus on how to improve that first impression people receive when they find you online. 
  • Tuesday, March 21, at Noon: Photoshop Skills
    During this workshop, we will go over some of the basic tools of Photoshop, but also dive into advanced techniques using those basic tools. You’ll learn how to resolve some of the common problems that beginners face, including working with layers and resizing images. Then you will learn how to manipulate layers to create some cool effects.
  • Wednesday, March 22, at Noon: Killer Presentations
    Whether you love or hate presentations, the ability to deliver convincing, informative, and engaging content is important in every career.We’ll cover best practices, explore various presentation tools, and put our learning into action to correct some common mistakes. Come prepared with your own presentation experiences, your concerns and ideas about upcoming presentations, and a readiness to work with your peers! 
  • Thursday, March 23, at Noon: Self Motivation
    How do you get and stay motivated? It’s easy when you’ve started a new project, but what about after the excitement wears off and you’re in the middle of the “slog?” Evelyn Helminen has some experience with that—she has written eight 30-day novels, and done a variety of other motivation-driven challenges. Get inspired, and learn how to sustain your own motivation. This session about self motivation is useful for everyone at MIIS—faculty, staff, and students.
  • Friday, March 24, at 11:00: Lego Serious Play
    Create a model of your ideal, present, or past life out of Legos, and share your story with others. It’s a fascinating way to learn about your classmates and colleagues—and yourself as well! Join us as we break out our “Serious Play” lego sets for some Friday Fun! We will provide plenty of creative prompts for building and reflecting. There will be music (of course) and lots and lots of legos.

Have a fun and information-rich Spring Break! Bring your lunch, discuss, and learn with DLC full-time staff.