Photoshop 101 Workshop Wrap-Up

The DLC hosted a Photoshop 101 workshop for MIIS students on April 4. As a Translation and Localization Management student, I had worked with Photoshop in my multilingual desktop publishing course, but hadn’t touched the software since. I wanted to get back into Photoshop with the help of DLC staff member Evelyn Helminen and DLC graduate assistant (and fellow TLM!) Susie Wang.

We at the DLC are super lucky to have Evelyn (our resident Photoshop expert) to help out when it comes to requests like these. Evelyn not only has extensive knowledge of Photoshop, but is also always excited to share her knowledge with those who want to know more.

For two hours, Evelyn led the twelve of us through a Photoshop obstacle course, introducing us to a few of the key tools along the way. We used magic wands, lassos, and marquees all without having to leave the DLC design space! My favorite new tool from this workshop was the color replacement tool, which as I’m sure you can guess, replaces colors. I may or may not have used it to turn one of my photo subjects into a Smurf…

Our source photos were taken at the DLC Exploration Party in February, specifically images of visitors experimenting with virtual reality via Google Cardboard. Being able to place images of people who were unable to see each other proved to be entertaining, almost like we constructed the virtual reality they were seeing through the cardboard! Check out the different ways we used all of the tools Evelyn taught us!

If you’re interested in learning more about Photoshop or Virtual Reality, make an appointment with us today!