Tips for the Translator

Trying to improve your translation skills?

While there are many resources to sift through these days, it can prove overwhelming for the non-native speaker. What’s the best source for news or understanding American politics? The answer? Podcasts. We aim to provide weekly podcast recommendations for all you translators and interpreters alike.

Podcast Recommendation for this week

Wait Wait Don’t Tell me! (NPR) (Recommended by Graduate Assistant, Susan Wang)

Understand American humor and quiz yourself on the week’s news through the hit radio show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!. What’s great about this podcast? The host, Peter Sagal and the weekly panel poke fun at the week’s news, and these days, it’s not so hard to make fun of. In addition, they bring you up to speed on the latest pop culture, controversies and find the most outrageous headlines. It’s light, it’s witty, engaging and also helps you understand American storytelling, humor and update your mental slang dictionary. Don’t stall on clicking that subscribe button. It’s worth every minute.