FRI 11/17 Workshop: Multimedia + YOU

Join us next Friday 11/17 for a workshop on using multimedia for your professional presentation! 

During the first hour (2pm-3pm), we will walk you through “On-camera presentation skills” training such as…

  • Teleprompter reading!
  • Front and center interview to the camera lens (Imagine yourself talking to the camera as if it were your interviewer)
  • Interview with a third person off camera (Imagine yourself talking to a person sitting right next to the camera and it’s just as if the camera isn’t there anymore!)

During the second hour (3pm-4pm), we will walk you through “Off-camera presentation skills training, primarily focusing on…

  • How to make a tutorial video using a whiteboard! We’ll use our creative skills and our imagination–you don’t have to be a professional artist. All you need is an idea you want to present and yourself.  

Get comfortable with the camera — it’s your friend, and you can use it to your advantage.