Student Club Fair


Yesterday, February 6th, 2018, was the Student Club Fair at MIIS. I attended as there is a club in which I am creating, and through this, I met a lot of cool people with great ideas to collaborate and get people involved on campus.

My club is a little side-project where we share music playlists amongst each other and expand cultural boundaries of music in our own lives. We sometimes get into the rut of listening to the same stuff, me included! I have my “go-to” music that brings me relief, escape or a groove that I just vibe with. Of course, it is different for everyone and this is where my project has its roots. A way to break that mold and keep it rolling with new, fresh tunes. 

I joined up for some clubs like Spanish BUILD, D&D, Photo Club, and the Kazakhstanian Student group. Because, why not?

In light of this special event, I think there are some things the DLC can do with our services to work with these groups. There is an endless amount of information that can be collaborated between these groups. For example, video or audio projects, cool photography, some website design or meetings and projects! Some of the groups could even reserve the DSpace for an interactive lesson. 

The recording booths would be a great way for these groups to mesh ideas and make an audio project. I’m gonna be looking into it. Let’s work together.




Kyle Burnett, February 7, 2018