MIIS students lose access to their accounts six months after graduation. During those six months, they would ideally move all of their website content over to a self-hosted server, or, if they want to keep it. If they do Read the rest


Graduate Assistant 2017: International Environmental Policy

Language of Study: French

Undergraduate degree: Broadcast Journalism from the University of Oklahoma




Hi there, I am Kyle Burnett, an International Environmental Policy Masters student here at Middlebury with a … Read the rest


Graduate Assistant: Translation & Localization Management, May 2019

Language of Study: Korean

Email: seongjik@miis.eduRead the rest

Cybersecurity & Privacy

“The internet is a crucial environment for our lives. Friendships, relationships, work, activism, commerce, and so many other forms of social connections take place digitally. As we thrive in these internet spaces, harassment and violence along intersecting axes of oppression

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