About #IDSP15

The DLC is excited to announce the Spring 2015 pilot #IDSP15 Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project. We are seeking a pilot cohort of MIIS graduate students who are creative and curiosity-driven to apply to be a digital storytelling fellow as part of your January Term immersive learning program experience.

IDSP15 Info Session Sept 23, 2014
Interested MIIS students discussing storytelling and opportunities to reflect on immersive learning; 9/23/14

#IDSP15 One-Pager – Download 1-Page #IDSP15 Infosheet [pdf]

About #IDSP15
#IDSP15 is a 1 unit (15 hours) open and directed study framework designed for MIIS students involved in immersive learning activities affiliated with their academic experience with the aim of maximizing the potential for personal intercultural competency (ICC) development through peer-interaction, self-reflection, design, and digital media. The learning series will integrate inductive research, data collection, and experiential reflection methods with hands-on training in digital storytelling and multimedia creation to enable participants to reflect upon, express, and share critical insights and lessons they have learned while engaged in immersive learning activities and programs; e.g. J-term, IPSS, DPMI Plus, IBP, Translation/Interpretation, Language Teaching Practica, FMScouts, and others.

Project Coordinators
If you have questions about the project, getting involved, or the application and selection process, please contact:

Bob Cole
Digital Learning Commons
E-mail: bob at miis.edu

Netta Avineri
Visiting Professor, TESOL/TFL E-mail; Chair, Intercultural Competence Committee
E-mail: navineri at miis.edu

#IDSP15 seeks 3-5 digital storytelling fellows who plan to participate or engage in immersive learning experiences over the 2015 January Term. Selected fellows will commit to working together with other #IDSP15 fellows, Digital Learning Commons staff, and supporting faculty to create a digital story documenting their experience, insights, and new perspectives. As an incentive, selected fellows will receive an iPod Touch to aid field-based data collection (photos, video, journaling).

Interested in participating? Apply below

Tuesday, September 23, 12:15 – 1:30pm Information Session
Held upstairs in the Digital Learning Commons, 001 McGowan Building, the kick-off informational session attracted a great group of seven current MIIS graduate students from a variety of programs interested in IDSP15 as an opportunity to learn and apply new skills and tools for reflection, design, and digital media.

Notes from Information Session:
In addition, we understand that as a pilot project there are still some loose ends that we hope to further discuss and negotiate with participating fellows or those of you who are not sure how to get involved. From our notes, some of these issues include:

1. collaborative projects – working with more than one person or a small team
2. Retrospective stories – for those who have already been on a J-term project, the feasibility of working with experiential learning data collected from previous immersive program
3. work on existing project – consideration for those who have other projects in mind outside the scope of MIIS immersive learning programs as we’ve initially framed for #IDSP15
4. 1-unit course – the logistics and protocol for drafting a directed study proposal to gain credit for the IDSP15 project
5. tying into existing course – the possibility of being involved in the project in a different capacity; e.g. as a program designer or evaluator
6. 1 digital storyteller per J-Term team – looking ahead at the possibility of selecting a digital storyteller to return to lead storytelling efforts
7. format/presentation – flexibility of story deliverables (structure, tools etc…)
8. hybrid format (if not on-campus in spring 2015) – opportunity for pilot cohort to work together flexibly and remotely for those who will not be in Monterey in the Spring