Adobe Connect

Request an Adobe Connect Account

To request an Adobe Connect account or a new Adobe Connect meeting, contact and let us know what you’d like the meeting to be called (oftentimes the class reference code).

  • If you are using Adobe Connect to flip your classroom, we can integrate your Adobe Connect meeting with Canvas so that your students can access the meeting directly from your course page. To learn more about this option, contact; include a direct link to your Canvas page.

Adobe Connect Toolkit: Management & Technical Support Training

This toolkit presupposes cursory familiarity with Adobe Connect management. If you have never hosted an Adobe Connect meeting, we recommend scheduling an intro training session at

  • Select the instructional technology category and then choose a DLC staff member with “Adobe Connect” listed under their name.

Toolkit Table of Contents

  • Request an Account
    • Integration w/ Canvas
  • Sharing a File
  • Approving People to Enter the Virtual Meeting Space
  • Managing Role Changes
  • Managing Layouts
  • Sound/Video Checks
  • Recording Sessions
  • Presenter Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting Technical Issues

Additional Adobe Connect Support Resources

  • To begin using Adobe Connect, please browse the “Create Meeting” section of the “Getting Started Guide“.
  • is a great online resource offering guided video tutorials and step by step instructions for all sorts of digital tools. As a member of the Middlebury community you have premium access. Here’s how it works:
    • Visit
    • Input your MIIS login credentials
    • Search “Adobe Connect Essential Learning”
  • You can sign up for Adobe’s live training series here.