MIIS Happening Presenter Toolkit

Happening Logistics
  • Slide deadline: Don’t back out now! Final presenter slides should be e-mailed or shared via the cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive) by Wednesday, April 27 at 5pm
  • Compiling slides: Slides from each presenter will be compiled into a master deck of slides – once slides have been shared, no changes should be made
  • Presenter name and title: In between each set of presenter slides, we will insert a slide with your name and a title for your talk (if you have one)
  • Presenter Program: we will do our best to notify all presenters about the program order by Wednesday, April 26th
  • Slide Format: All presenter slide decks (20 slides) will run on auto-timing – please use the Powerpoint template linked below to build your slides as it has a built in animated 20 second/slide timer
  • Audio recording: All presenters will be audio (not video) recorded – with your permission we would like to archive and share presentations online in a slide+audio digital story format – here’s a nice example: https://vimeo.com/5111228
Planning, Designing & Building your six minute and 40 second presentation for optimal cognitive load
Opportunities for Counsel, Practice & Feedback
  • Contact Alie Jones at ajjones@miis.edu any time leading up to April 28 with questions or requests for help
  • Pecha Kucha Practice & Feedback Clinic #1: Friday, April 20, 1-2:00pm, DLC Design Space |
  • Pecha Kucha Practice & Feedback Clinic #2: Tuesday, April 26, 12-1:00pm, DLC Design Space