Rafael Hernandez


Graduate Assistant: Masters in Public Administration, May 2015

RafaelMy favorite place in the Monterey Institute is the Digital Learning Commons, and since I consider myself someone with an analog mind that is really saying something. However, there is something here to engage all of my varied interests and background. I am from Los Angeles, California. My parents are from Mexico where I travel to a lot because I have a lot of friends and family there (and because the food is amazing).

I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley majoring in Sociology and Film. I focused my degree on Gender/Women studies and I describe myself proudly as a feminist. I worked in the film industry in Los Angeles mainly as a production assistant but have also worked professionally with wardrobe, art department, camera crew and as an assistant director. I have worked on commercials, music videos, independent films and a couple feature films, but my film passion is documentary film where I can apply my sociological lens with the cinematic tools of cinematography, soundtrack, editing, and visual and audio effects. I also had brief stints as a hip-hop and house music DJ.

After working in Hollywood for a few years I went to Japan to teach English. Since I lived in an area with large Brazilian and Peruvian communities, I was able to speak my second native language of Spanish daily, and learn Portuguese as well as Japanese becoming an interpreter between these different language communities in Japan. Before coming to Monterey I worked as a simultaneous interpreter throughout California for various non-profit organizations. I came to MIIS because I feel that this school values my varied experience and passions and can help me put it all together in dynamic and effective ways and the DLC will provide me with the tools to do that.

I love all film editing and sound production technologies and gear. Some of my favorite apps and websites are Spotify, Flipboard, Google Translator, Lifehacker, StumbleUpon, The Onion, and I can still spend hours on YouTube. My hobbies are mixed martial arts, spoken word poetry, reading, yoga, mountain climbing, boogie boarding and making music mixes for friends.

Specialities: Excel, Powerpoint, Film production, Language tools (Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese).