Resources for the TLM’er

TLM courses bombard you with a wealth of help tools and resources. Tools are handy, they’re great and we love them, but wait! They cost money! Ack! I’m already going over budget, what do I do? 

For many of you, assignments in Desktop Publishing (DTP) or Computer Assisted Translation may require you to purchase more software than your wallet let alone your device can handle. 

In addition, you have also realized many of the tools used in class are pre-installed in the PAC lab, but then the days you want to finish Max Troyer’s photoshop assignment, another class is already in there. Tip: Pac Lab Availability (make sure the “Calendar” tab is selected). 

At the DLC Learning Lab, there are 6 iMacs equipped with the following (Note *4 desktops in the Learning Lab, as well as 1 in each  recording booth): 

Adobe Creative Elements

  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. InDesign 

Red or Blue? (Recording booths)

Have you ever wanted to know how people made great YouTube tutorials or those Buzz Feed videos? Did one of your localization classes ask for a video presentation as a final assignment? All you have to do is book either the blue or red recording booths prior to visiting the DLC. The booths are equipped with Camtasia,  a great resource to create voice overs, create professional looking presentations.  The recording booths also serve well for any upcoming skype interviews, video conferencing, and more. *If you need assistance with Camtasia or using the recording booths, make an appointment with us for multimedia help

Need a quiet place to study? 

Do you have a group project coming up and you need a space to rehearse? Need a place besides the Samson center to practice your sight translation? The DLC has two quiet spaces tucked away on the second floor of the McGowan building. It’s best to make a reservation ahead of time.  Follow signs for the Otter and Pacific Room (MG210). 

Need CAT Tools Help? 

  1. Make an appointment with us! (Make a DLC Appointment –> Click “Computer Assisted Translation Tools”)
  2. Please bring your own laptop (equipped with the CAT Tool of your choice) 
  3. Please mention what specific issues you have with the CAT tool so that we can better assist solving your challenge