Tips for the Translator

Trying to improve your translation skills?

While there are many resources to sift through these days, it can prove overwhelming for the non-native speaker. What’s the best source for news or understanding American politics? The answer? Podcasts. We aim to provide weekly podcast recommendations for all you translators and interpreters alike.

Podcast Recommendation for this week (From Catherine Rose, Graduate Assistant) 


This program is well received by many of the staff at the Digital Learning Commons. What’s great about this program is the various topics ranging from the sciences to humanities on a weekly basis. So, it’s doubtful you will ever get bored. Plus, many episodes start out with a really food for thought question. Sometimes you have to really dig deep to find a personal response, but don’t worry the episode helps you get there.  Radiolab also has a series called More Perfect , which will further your knowledge of the American legal system. Rather than listen to dreary long lectures on youtube about legal cases, More Perfect goes into detail about major historical cases that define American federal law. There might be cases you never heard of and in the line of translation, if you are planning on translating for legal firms in the United States, wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your history. Told in a dramatic and relevant way, More Perfect and other Radiolab podcasts will challenge your understanding and bring you up to speed. You know you want to impress the interview panel.  Subscribe now.