Digital Storytelling Toolkit – March 10 Brownbag

WHEN: Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 12-15 – 1:30pm
WHERE: Holland Student Center (look for Brittany, signage)
Hosted by Brittany Lane, 2015 Intercultural Digital Storytelling Fellow

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What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is the practice of combining narrative with digital content, including images, sound, and video, to create a short movie, typically with a strong emotional component.

Why digital storytelling?

First and foremost, storytelling is a means to reflect upon, synthesize, and reach shared understanding of lived experiences, especially when performed in a group context. The processes of reflection, composition, feedback, design, and working with digital media affords storytellers iterative opportunities to get under the surface of immersive learning encounters, increase attentional awareness, question assumptions, and forge new meaning. Additionally, digital stories become artifacts that can be shared and viewed by others for personal, academic, and professional purposes. See: IDSP15 concept paper

A few different examples:

Essential Reflection Protocols & Activities