Michelle Swenson Carrega

Graduate Assistant: Masters in Public Administration & International Education Management, Spring 2013

I love helping people learn new technologies and master skills. I can tackle anything from presentation design to web development. I really enjoy helping people brain storm and … Read the rest

Josh Warburg

Graduate Assistant: Masters of Public Administration, December 2013

I’m interested in helping people learn how to use technology to improve their work and to pursue personal interests. I’m especially interested in working with Office and iWork programs to make more … Read the rest


You might visit the DLC to learn more about and/or develop:

  • Blog(s)
  • Data Analysis Projects
  • GIS Projects
  • MIIS Radio Projects
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Online Networking Skills
  • Professional Portfolios Website
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Here are some reasons you might visit the DLC:

  • To create and maintain your Moodle course site
  • To explore new uses of technology within the classroom
  • To discuss how to use social media for program outreach (Ex. How to use
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Here are some reasons you might visit the DLC:
  • To discuss how to utilize blogging and social media accounts in your department (example GSIPM Facebook page)
  • To explore ideas on how to improve your department’s web content and design
  • To
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About Us

The Digital Learning Commons supports the Monterey Institute community in the pursuit of academic excellence and digital media fluency. We promote creativity and reflection and assist students, faculty, and staff in the development of projects for academic, professional and personal … Read the rest