The iPads are coming! Mobile Learning Work Group Forming this Fall

iPad Workgroup Meeting Notes 8/2/2011 10:00 – 11:00 am, Kade 2nd Floor

Bob Cole, Digital Learning Commons
Katie Dutcher, Intensive English Programs
Ann Flower, MIIS Library
Patricia Szasz, Intensive English Programs

Mission statement
The Mobile Learning Work Group will explore how mobile tech is changing the way that we work, teach, and learn through regular open sessions and idea sharing among MIIS faculty, staff, and students and our colleagues and peers in similar professional contexts.  The Work Group plans to use the Digital Learning Commons as meeting space for an on-going conversation about mobile tools and document happenings through the DLC blog.

  • Fits with the Digital Learning Commons goals of promoting professional development, innovation, and collaboration
  • Need to document use of intensive English Program’s iPads – focus on language pedagogy and innovation
  • Interest in sharing how to use new tools, learn about best apps, and discuss emerging practices
  • Shared desire to explore differing uses of iPads and mobile devices: pedagogy, research, productivity

ESL (Patricia Szasz and Katie Dutcher)

  • Need to figure out strategic ways to use for language instruction and learning
  • Logistics of use- start off with a plan- how to manage?
  • Select pilot people, figure it out for fall ES session.
  • Mike do radio show next session? Possible iPad pilot project?
  • Productivity uses for program administration

Library (Ann Flower)

  • Getting 10 in use right away as replacements for laptops used for teaching purposes
  • Web access, instructional use, e-resources, search catalog
  • Not focused on apps., more on mobility and access to Library resources

Initial Goals/Plan

  • Monthly meetings third Tuesday of each month
  • Next meeting Tuesday, Aug 16, 4pm
  • Planning in the fall
  • Bring in speakers in the fall/ spring (Oct. Internet library conference)
  • End of semester possibly do something with DLC Open House (week of Nov 28)

Agenda for Next meeting (in 2 weeks)

  • Invite Tony from ESL and other MIIS iPad and mobile afficionados
  • Re-visit Key questions and goals
  • Review ESL iPad hardware and software management issues including:
  1. Generic app account linked with P-card?
  2. Pay 10 times for app licenses?
  3. Dropbox account- all use same or each own?, use Google docs for cloud based file storage?
  4. Ask other institutions how they manage, e.g. Monterey College of Law, listservs such as NITLE and NMC
  5. Re-syncing each session
  • Share a few favorite apps
  • Set next meeting’s agenda

Things to look ahead to

  • Moodle iLearn the campus course management system is expected to be available in mobile web format this Fall
  • MIIS and Middlebury websites are expected to be available in mobile format this Fall
  • Blogging community may be hosted at Middlebury by spring 2012
  • Campus Info Fair orientation week, Wednesday, August 19, 2011 from 12-1pm in Samson courtyard
  • Sarah Springer’s tech session in TESOL/TFL orientation
  • 2012 TESOL CALL Electronic village – 6 week pre-conference

Free Mobile Apps Mentioned

  • Genius Scan– iphone scanner that uses the phone camera to photograph documents and convert to PDF
  • GoTasks– syncs your task list on your iPad or iPhone to your Google to-do list
  • Dragon Dictation– Speech to text recorder has potential use for language pronunciation practice
  • Evernote – productivity tool for creating and storing notes and web clippings

Other resources mentioned

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