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virtual brainDo you have a passion for learning, creativity, and technology? How about an interest in how technology is re-shaping the way we live, work, and play? Do you have or are you looking to develop your communication and facilitation skills? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you just might be interested in working with (not for) the Digital Learning Commons during your academic tenure at the Monterey Institute.

The DLC has three job openings for Digital Media Consultants for current (preferably first year) graduate students to complement our current team.

Send us an e-mail indicating your interest in working with the DLC and how you would contribute to the team based on your background, skills, and familiarity with our core activities and projects. Be sure to include link(s) to a digital space or project(s) that you led or produced (website, e-portfolio, blog post, video, podcast) that showcases your skill-set and experience.


Web Team Graduate Assistant

We are seeking a Web Team GA with skills or experience doing social networking, writing web copy and/or managing projects. Send applications to ASAP, Subject: Rebecca Walters. We will conduct interviews starting immediately until the position is filled. Web Team GA responsibilities:

  • assisting with the MIIS Updates Weekly Newsletter
  • covering campus events through social media (Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+)
  • general MIIS website updates

Audio/Video Graduate Assistant

The A/V GA captures and curates MIIS multimedia, including audio, photo and video. Photography background and an artistic video eye preferred. Send applications to ASAP, Subject: Rebecca Walters. We will conduct interviews starting immediately until the position is filled. A/V GA Responsibilities:

  • editing slides and audio together
  • shooting B-roll (filler/cutaway video) of the Monterey area
  • recording student events that occur on nights and weekends

Design Sp@ce Graduate Assistant

The Sp@ce GA will help develop the DLC’s new Design Sp@ce. Project management, space design, and/or business experience preferred. Send applications to ASAP, Subject: Bob Cole. We will conduct interviews starting immediately until the position is filled. Design Sp@ce GA Responsibilities:

  • helping research and compare furniture and equipment
  • organizing community events
  • developing the MIIS Student Incubator
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