“Next Generation” Learning – An Emerging Practices Breakfast Conversation

What?     Breakfast Treats, Coffee & Tea, and Collegial Conversation
Where?  Design Space @ the Digital Learning Commons, 420 Calle Principal / 001 McGowan
When?   Wednesday, October 9, 2013 9:30-11:00am
Who? MIIS Faculty (Please RSVP by Friday, October 3) – No technical skills or hardware required!

The Digital Learning Commons is pleased to invite MIIS faculty to a breakfast conversation on emerging teaching practices.  Our guests will be Monterey Institute professors, Peter Shaw, Jeff Dayton-Johnson, and Moyara Ruehsen.

Each of our guests will share experiences and practices that reflect the guiding theme for this year’s activities at the Commons: “Next Generation Learning.”

Inspired by some of the experiments we see taking place around the globe, and on our own campus, the “Next Generation Learning Project” will promote discussions, activities, and design challenges that help the MIIS community explore the thinking behind educational innovations. From MOOCs, “flipped” classrooms, and various permutations of “online learning,” to more subtle shifts in the way learners and teachers interact, the Next Generation Learning Project seeks to explore how teaching and learning are evolving, in our individual lives, on our campuses, and in the communities with which we intersect through our many immersive learning opportunities.

Participating faculty will have opportunities to discuss and reflect upon the pedagogical opportunities (and challenges) presented by our guests, and perhaps come away with some new ideas for future course development.

Our Guests

Jeff Dayton-Johnson is Associate Professor and Program Chair in the International Policy Studies Program where he teaches economic development and policy.  A regular DJ on local radio station KUSP, Jeff will share his experience integrating custom audio podcasts into his students’ learning repertoire.

Moyara Ruehsen is Associate Professor in the International Policy Studies Program where she teaches international economics and analysis. Dovetailing on the theme of “next generation learning,” Moyara will share lessons learned from her recent experience time-shifting her summer Econ Bootcamp course.


Peter Shaw is resident Professor of Pedagogical Magic in the TESOL/TFL Program at the Monterey Institute.  Peter will share how he designs the first 2-3 weeks of his teacher education courses to build a collegial learning community.