Upcoming Event: Effective Data Presentation Techniques

Effective Data Presentation Techniques.001A workshop @ The Commons with Profs. Moyara Ruehsen and Phil Murphy


Monday, November 18, 6:00 pm in the Design Space

Wondering how best to present your data for all of those course assignments and reports? Well, now is your chance to learn from the experts. Tell your story in a coherent and effective manner with a graph that your audience can interpret in two seconds. Should you use a pie chart for that data? Is there an optimal number of slices? What about an area diagram? When is it best to use a horizontal bar chart instead of a vertical column chart? When do stacked columns make sense? (Almost never.) How can 3-D deceive? Are there effective ways to combine lines and columns in the same diagram? (Yes.) And will it ever make sense to use a stacked area diagram (yes) or a donut or half-donut (yes)? Or should you abandon the chart idea altogether and just go with a table? (Sometimes.) Hear more nuanced answers to these questions and more!