Update: Moodle Archives & Transition to Canvas

As of July 10, 2017, the Institute’s Moodle LMS is redirecting to https://ilearn.miis.edu. Please note that the archive is only accessible to Middlebury faculty, staff, and students who have current Active Directory accounts, are accessing the site while on a Middlebury network, or via Middlebury VPN.

Archive Access
The site, now hosted by the College, will prompt you with a drop-down request to login with your Middlebury network username (e.g. “mdlc”) and password:

You will know that the login attempt worked when you are directed to the Moodle LMS site.

To enter the site click the “Login” button which should re-direct to the central authentication service (CAS) login page.In testing, this drop-down menu came up a second time for some when attempting to login to Moodle as described below. Login once more with your Middlebury network username and password (e.g. “mdlc”) and password.

Archive Restrictions

The archive will not be accessible to Middlebury self-registered guest accounts. The archive will be maintained until December 2018* when it is expected to be de-commissioned.

*December 2018 will mark the end of the two-year archive maintenance policy for course content since the adoption of the Canvas LMS in the Fall 2016 term.

Access from Course Hub

Active faculty, staff, and students can access the Moodle archives via Moodle resource links from Course Hub. Clicking on a link to a past Moodle resource in Course Hub will prompt the login process described above.

Importing Moodle Courses into Canvas

We will continue to support faculty who plan to import archived course content from the Moodle archive into the Canvas LMS.* We have created a help guide with a brief video that walks you through the process on Course Hub and links to a further support request form as well.

*Some Moodle course archives are very large (greater than 1GB) due to repeated imports and remixing over the years. If your back-up is noticeably large, we may request that you be more selective with items included in the import file to reduce the file size import to Canvas. We may also make recommendations about ways to more distributively host file types (e.g. video and audio) that tend to take up greater amounts of server space.

Creating Back-Up Copies of Moodle Content for Personal Archiving

The Institute’s Moodle archive currently hosts course content dating back to Fall 2013 term. After December 2018, Moodle will be de-commissioned. If you would like to create a back-up of your Moodle formatted content for personal storage, we recommend following the course back-up process outlined by Moodle.org. The process will produce an .mbz formatted file. This file format can be imported into Canvas or re-imported into another instance of Moodle* which could be accomplished by installing a copy of Moodle on a personal MiddCreate hosted subdomain. Alternatively, an .mbz file can be renamed to .zip format for limited file access, or storing on a cloud file storage account like Google Drive or Microsoft 365 OneDrive.

*Please note that the Institute’s archives are frozen at version of Moodle 2.8.8 while the most recent stable version of Moodle is 3.3.1 (as of July 2017). This means that archive content may not be fully compatible with newer versions of Moodle.

Additional Questions or Help?

Request an appointment at http://go.miis.edu/dlcappointment