Faculty, Are You Satisfied With How You’re Represented Online?

I’ve had a personal website since 2008, travelingev.com. This site, although not specifically a “portfolio” site, has helped me get at least three of my jobs, and is also what I credit for making me the President of the Public Relations committee in Armenia while I served there in the Peace Corps.

I realize my career trajectory and status as a staff member is a bit different than the standard faculty member at MIIS, but I think everyone can benefit from cultivating their online presence; for some that might mean having a personal website. For others it might be something else, or a combination of things.

I attended a conference in June and learned about what Michigan State University is doing to help their faculty increase their online presence. I was inspired, and wrote a blog post about it here. Now I want to do more, to help our faculty at MIIS.

Are you interested in learning more? Do you already do a lot publicly online? What’s your strategy for being seen, known, and recognized in your field?

I need your help.

The DLC wants to learn what faculty need the most when it comes to establishing and maintaining their online presence. Do you need help making a website? Starting a podcast? Writing on a regular schedule?

Are you technologically savvy and just need to find the time? Do you feel way behind the curve? What’s your block?

How You Can Help

Please help by filling out the following survey. (The link is here, if the embedded survey does not show up below.) Based on the results, we will put together training, learning, and/or co-working opportunities during the fall semester to work on building up or improving your overall online presence.

Scroll down in the survey to complete all 12 questions, then click submit.

The Possibilities

Some ideas we already have include the following:

  • Start up a “Faculty Mastermind” that meets on a regular basis (more details to follow)
  • Run a series of workshops for faculty on how to start and maintain a professional website
  • Demonstrate the power of MiddCreate in establishing your online presence
  • Share ideas across disciplines on how to connect with influencers in your field
  • Show examples of robust faculty websites and self-published research

Do any of these sound interesting? Please fill out the survey above.

Then let us know you’d like to be kept informed. I look forward to your feedback.


~ Evelyn