MiddCreate Study Abroad Contest: Share your photos, stories, and videos to win

If you are a MIIS or Middlebury Schools student currently abroad (or if you are planning to go abroad before February 2018 or were abroad over the summer) you are eligible to enter the MiddCreate Study Abroad Contest, sponsored by the Middlebury Office of Digital Learning.

MiddCreate Study Abroad Contest, photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash
Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

How does it work? 

You can enter to win by sharing your experiences abroad on your MiddCreate website in the form of photos, videos, or writing. Here is a brief description of the contest:

The Office of Digital Learning now challenges you to present your cultural, linguistic and academic integration in the form of photography, video, and writing on your very own MiddCreate site. We’re looking for great photos, amazing videos and engaging and reflective pieces of writing that tell a story from your perspective.

Create your own site depicting your time abroad and use it as a place of reflection of each day’s events, a past week, a special occasion or an intriguing weekend spent with your host family and friends. Be as creative as you’d like! Your story could span the entire length of your trip, or it could focus on one particular component (learning a language/cultural behaviors/food) or timeframe (a trip to an unforgettable place).

You can read more about it on the contest homepage

What is MiddCreate? 

MiddCreate is a web platform available to all students, faculty, and staff who are part of a Middlebury-affiliated school. You can build your own website with applications like WordPress or Drupal, and have ownership over your digital space online. You can read more about MiddCreate and the “Domain of One’s Own” initiative here

How do I create a site on MiddCreate? 

To get started, go to middcreate.net and click on “Dashboard.” You can create your domain (yourdomain.middcreate.net) and install the application you want to use (e.g. MediaWiki, WordPress, ZenPhoto). Then you’re ready to build your site! 

You can find step by step instructions for the contest here and additional MiddCreate documentation here

Do you have any examples or resources I can take a look at?

So glad you asked! You can check out the MiddCreate Examples site. You can see examples of websites created with MiddCreate, and there is a list of helpful resources for MiddCreate and WordPress under the “Resources” tab. 

Wait, what can I win?

Good question! There are three categories (Best Photography/Videography, Best Reflective Writing, and Popular Vote) and the prize for each is a GoPro HER05 Black. Pretty nice, right? More information here

Can I get some help with my site? 

Of course! The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) in Monterey and the Office of Digital Learning in Vermont are here for you. You can check out our resources or make an appointment to work with us one on one.

What’s that, you say? You’re already out of the country? Never fear, you can easily meet with DLC staff members and graduate assistants remotely via Zoom. Just select “Zoom web conferencing” when you fill out your information for your appointment (and don’t forget that we’re on Pacific time).

Anything else? 

Yes! Once you get your site up and running (awesome!) you can add the URL to your Instagram and use the hashtag #MiddCreateAbroad. 

You can also take our MiddCreate survey to share your feedback and advice. This is also where you can let us know if you’re interested in being featured on the MiddCreate Examples site. 

For the full contest rules and guidelines, please visit the MiddCreate Study Abroad Contest page.


Featured photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash