Meet the Fall 2017 DLC Graduate Assistants

The DLC Graduate Assistants are here for you!

Meet your friends at the DLC: CatherineRose Mountain, Desmond Iriaye, Ianthe Duncan-Poole, Kimani Deshields-Williams, Kyle Burnett, Seongji Kim, and Seo-Young Jun. Each of us are from different walks of life, but we all have creativity, technology, and collaboration at our best interests. Visit the Learning Lab for walk-ins and appointments with us, or feel free to just drop by and say hi!

Check out our awesome video…

Let us take 48 seconds of your time to introduce ourselves briefly and tell you all about the awesome features of the DLC! 

CatherineRose would like to showcase…

Blogging and web tools! The DLC is here to help you on building your digital presence and utilizing online platforms to boost your portfolio. Following are just a few examples of web tools that will come in handy.

Desmond would like to showcase…

Virtual Reality! Did you know that you can make an appointment at the DLC to play with our HTC Vive VR equipment? Use our appointment system to book a 30-60 minute block of time, click on the “Virtual Reality Orientation” service, and then select a DLC staff member as your VR assistant.

Come geek out with us and play in our virtual reality space! You can: 

Ianthe and Kimani would like to showcase…

Locations, locations, locations! The DLC offers great spaces for you to work, collaborate, and experiment on technology and other resources.

  1. The Design Space is McGowan 001, which is most directly accessed at 420 Calle Principal. It can also be accessed by walking through the Learning Lab and down the steps.
  2. The Learning Lab is on the first floor of McGowan, and you can reach it by entering McGowan on Pacific Street and heading to the right (around the back of McGowan 102). You can also enter at 420 Calle Principal and go up the stairs.
  3. The Co-working Suite is on the second floor of McGowan, MG 210. This is where the DLC’s Pacific Room is also located, so go straight there if you have reserved that room. Inside the co-working suite are four rooms:
    • Pacific Room—reservable small group working space
    • Otter Room—quiet drop-in study space or for very small meetings
    • Tidal Zone—casual lounge
    • The Cove—offices for some of the full-time DLC staff

Kyle and Seongji would like to tell you all about…

How to make appointments and reserve a DLC Space such as the recording booth! We have two recording booths (Learning Lab) set up with microphones and software to record podcasts, edit media projects, conduct virtual meetings or interviews, etc. Reserve a recording booth here.

Is that it? No! There are other DLC spaces that you can reserve:  

  • Our Design Sp@ce (MG001) is a common area that you can customize to your needs, such as classroom-style, lounge area, or small working groups. We encourage students and faculty to reserve the D Sp@ce for classes, events and projects. When not reserved, it’s open to all as a place to come study, have meetings, or just hang out between classes.
  • We have two reservable rooms (Co-working Suite) for group work or individual use. Reserve the Otter Room or the Pacific Room here.

Whether MIIS faculty, staff, or student, if you need help with anything, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us, especially if you would like more in-depth support. You can also drop-in to the DLC for help, Mon-Fri, during our open hours. Look for anyone wearing a name tag or lanyard; we are all happy to help!

Seo-Young would like to tell you all about…

Multimedia & graphic design tools! Are you interested in creating beautiful presentations, graphics, and/or video for your next class or professional talk? You’ve come to the right place to start your production. All you need are a camera (perhaps you own a DSLR, or you could go to Media Services for camera equipment, or did you know your smartphone has a pretty solid camera?), a recorder (you’re thinking, “Hm, didn’t I just read about the recording booths at the DLC?), and an editing software. Following are just a handful of powerful design software we can help you with to produce your next big project: 

  • Video Editing (iMovie, Camtasia, YouTube Editor, Wevideo, Final Cut Pro)
  • Audio Recording and Editing, Podcasting (Garage Band, Audacity, Camtasia)
  • Voiceover Lectures and Presentations (Camtasia)
  • Photo Editing (Photoshop, PicMonkey)
  • Presentation Tools (Keynote, Powerpoint, Prezi)
  • Infographics (PiktochartCanva)

And So Much More!!

The DLC graduate assistants and staff also host a series of skill-building workshops and collaborate with students and faculty to organize a specific workshop dedicated to their needs. In case you need assistance with any of the following tools or platforms, we’re here to offer you support in these realms as well: 

Academic Cyberinfrastructure Platforms and Others

  • Design Thinking
  • Project & Idea Development

Visit the DLC! You know we’ll be there for you.